Rest, Refresh, and Recharge

August 2002

For most of us, Summer is a time that signals fun, relaxation, play, travel, and adventure. For me, August is also a time for renewal, reconnection, and reflection: I catch up with friends, visit my family, and think about where I am in terms of my professional and personal intentions for the year. By the time August rolls around, I’m pretty rested and mellow, and yet part of me is starting to look forward to the more structured and quickened pace that September brings.

This month, I’ve also reflected on the many professional accomplishments that my clients have made this year to date. Those “wins” include overcoming a fear of public speaking; having art featured for sale at a prestigious retail store; increasing income by 50%; building an exciting new business; being accepted into graduate school; gaining confidence in relating to a boss; booking speaking engagements; effectively balancing professional and personal goals and time; having an article published; and landing that “dream job” (to name just a handful). Your hard work, energy, and focus are reflected in this impressive list. Congratulations!

I hope that you will take the remaining days of Summer to rest, refresh, and recharge. Don’t forget to celebrate both your own achievements and those of others around you. Read some good books (that aren’t about business!), build a sand castle, take off early to play tennis, get up to watch the sunrise, call an old friend. Have some fun, laugh a lot, hang out with people you love, and do whatever it is that refreshes your soul and mind.

Have a great month!

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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