“Our agency contracted with Sharon for a unique endeavor – coaching our Administrative staff on developing and implementing a succession plan for staff. Through her direction, we set up meetings with mid-level managers and turned Sharon loose with them. She was able to make the staff feel comfortable and supported. Through her guidance, staff provided excellent insight as to what they needed to move to the next level. We now have a framework for discussion and an outline for moving forward with training and support for our leaders of tomorrow.”

Sharon M. Tyler, Program Manager, Baltimore County Dept. of Corrections

 “Once again, you did a fantastic job facilitating our annual retreat Sharon. It is among the most important days on the Financial Planning Association of Maryland’s calendar, and we could not do it without you. We work with you year after year and you deliver every time. Thank you Sharon!”

Jason S. Abosch, CPA, CFP, MBA, CLTC, FPA of Maryland – President Elect, Abosch Insurance Services

“I can’t imagine where I would be without Sharon as my coach! She possesses the wit, insight, and “kick-me-in-the-butt” attitude that I need but does it with a tender and gentle spirit. She has instilled within me a strength and willingness to take some brave and bold steps that have taken my business in some exciting directions, which I might have otherwise passed up. She totally rocks!”

Beth Colley, President, Chesapeake Resume Writing Service

“Sharon is a very talented, insightful and powerful coach. She has a unique ability to patiently help you uncover your deepest desires and then achieve the tangible results to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Her energy, commitment and effectiveness have enabled me to create my ideal life. Throughout our time together she actively listened, pushed me beyond my comfort zone and led me to envision my future. Serendipitous experiences began unfolding the moment I began working with Sharon, and by the time our work concluded, I had a defined road map for starting my own business. That business has continued to grow, in large part due to my work with Sharon. I am grateful for her keen insight, laser focus, brilliant strategy and continued support.”

Amy Kelly, CEO/Founder, Parent eSource.com and Socially Active.com

“When we started [our coaching work 12 years ago], I was getting ready to be the junior partner in a new financial planning firm, and I thought Sharon could help me speed up my professional development. After four years of coaching, I elected to start my own firm, and I used my coach every step of the way, from conception to design to implementation. She helped interview job candidates and was instrumental in the design of the new firm. [Sharon] has always been a sounding board for me…She has helped our firm grow from a startup to a top firm within our independent broker-dealer in under a decade…When a challenge or opportunity presents itself, she is the first call I make…In my mind, whether in business, athletics or academics, the top performers always have a coach.”

Eric Brotman, President Brotman Financial Group, as quoted in Investment Advisor Magazine, November 2011 issue.

Words can’t describe how much I have appreciated your patience, your listening ear and your strength you have shared with me. You came into my life when things were not clear, and gave me direction that I was unsure of. You made me realize that I must choose a path that best puts peace into my heart. I have moved ahead as we discussed and I am on a path that is allowing me to see the visions I have wanted to view for many years. My attention to detail is sharpened and my wisdom is guiding me to new adventures. I have taken up my passion in painting and expressing my heart in ways I haven’t in a long time. I am happy, relaxed and laughing again.

I hear your voice often and when I am feeling unsure I just think of the conversations we have shared and take your advice and forge ahead. Life is sweet and I thank you for showing me it again; you have truly made my world bright and I will never forget how you have changed my spirit at a time it was very much needed. Your words of wisdom and your soothing voice warmed me like no other. I have taken the time to smell the roses and am living life again.

Cathleen Smith, Admissions Representative, Remington College

Even though Sharon was recommended to me by my closest confidant, I was reluctant to work with a career coach. What could she possibly do for me that I couldn’t do for myself or read in a book? As I quickly learned, a lot!

I started working with Sharon just as I was looking to end one career and start another — in a new city — during the worst economy any of us has seen! It was a long and often difficult journey, but having someone who kept me focused, held me accountable for my actions and encouraged me to listen to my own heart and mind during the transition paid off in spades. Six months into the journey I was offered three jobs in one day and accepted one that could not have been a better fit for me personally and professionally. Thank you Sharon!

Wendy Urquhart, Director of Business Development, Taradel, LLC

Sharon is a person of high intelligence and integrity who is deeply committed to helping others understand and reach their potential through her coaching practice. She has that unique talent possessed by the best coaches of being able to affirm the client while at the same time encouraging the client to understand the need for self-change. A leader trying to drive change must have a high level of self-awareness, the willingness to change personally, the ability to communicate effectively with employees, and skill in coaching direct reports who have difficulty with change. Sharon coached me in all these areas as well as many others. She helped me see that I had the ability to be a successful change leader and guided me in figuring out how to accomplish my objectives.

Ann Rasenberger, Division Director, Catholic Charities of Maryland

This [coaching] association has proven to be the best thing I have done for myself and my business this entire year.fiscally and professionally my best year ever. I unreservedly know that working with Sharon Keys Seal as a coach is the best step that one can take on a business and personal level. I know that her professional skills and integrity will challenge anyone to be the best they can be.

Karen Motyka, President, Motyka & Company Marketing Research

I have personally benefited from Sharon’s coaching. She is steady and calm – perfect for someone like me – and very quickly hit the core of the issue. She brings great compassion to her work as well as much experience and technical skill..I value the generous and wise person she is..I know her skill, her integrity, and her generosity make her one of the best coaches I have known.

Alicia Rodriguez, M.A., P.C.C., Executive Coach, Sophia Associates, Inc.

Coaching Concepts has been instrumental to the growth of my financial planning firm, and Sharon Seal has been incredibly effective with me and with my staff. Our work together began when the firm was only an idea, and we have progressed from a start-up to a profitable and growing concern in far less time than we anticipated. Sharon moderates our quarterly team meetings and retreats for team building and visioning exercises, and she assists in our annual planning summit when we build our plan for the following year. I can attribute a meaningful percentage of our growth to Sharon’s work with my employees, and recognize that my professional growth is an offshoot of heightened self-awareness created by ongoing coaching.

Eric Brotman, CFP, CLU, MSFS, President, Brotman Financial Group, Inc.

The growth I have realized and the skills I have obtained under [Sharon’s] tutelage are immeasurable and will continue to serve me in whatever venture I undertake. The breadth of her knowledge base and the depth of her insight are incredible. I “found” myself this year, and working with Sharon has made a major difference in my life. Truly a life-changing experience!

Dr. Robert Blake, Chief Medical Officer, Hospital for Sick Children

Sharon’s coaching abilities have had a positive impact for me personally and professionally. She has helped me transform the way I work – becoming more organized, giving the kind of thoughtful intention that I want to give to important areas of my life, and setting and achieving goals that were just glimmers of ideas six months ago. This year my company has redesigned its website, developed a specific niche market and will continue to work with Sharon to develop specific goals and increase billings in that market. Wendy Baird President Insight 180 Strategic Marketing and Design Sharon Seal facilitated the chapter’s first-ever leadership retreat for board members, committee chairs, and CEO. All participants were impressed with our focus, and the amount of work we accomplished in the course of eight hours with Sharon “at the controls”. Weeks before the retreat, Sharon worked with key leaders to get us to articulate clear objectives and forge an agenda that positioned us to attain our real desired outcomes. Sharon encouraged input from each participant, group collaboration, open communication, and a healthy interchange of ideas. The participants came away with not only a solid work product, but also a greater understanding of one another, our organization, and the challenges and opportunities we face. I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon to serve as facilitator for future meetings or retreats.

F. Michael (Mike) Curley, ChFC, Executive Director and CEO, Financial Planning Association of Maryland, Inc.

Sharon really is a coach in the truest sense of the word. She gets me to focus on the goal, learn from my mistakes, and do those things that will make me and my company stronger, faster, better. Since working with Sharon, I am wiser and even have a better understanding of my own company. My professional self-esteem has increased and allowed me to become a more confident leader with a clear vision for taking my company to the next level of success. Sharon has helped me to set priorities, be more organized, measure results, and be accountable for my actions. Sharon motivates me to do the work that is necessary to be my best.

Michael Goldberg, ME-r, CCP-I, -II/PM, & -D, President, MegaHertz Media Integration, Inc.

Sharon has enabled me to operate in my business from intention – by asking myself, “What do I want from this?” I had naturally assumed that I was working for what I wanted, but Sharon’s highly effective approach allowed me to see that I was actually working against myself too much of the time..Working from intention has a lot to do with my increased focus. [Sharon] has helped me to eliminate distractions that interfered with my purpose and goals. I benefited from Sharon’s exceptional intuition during this process. She displayed an uncanny ability to know exactly when to push, when to ease up, and when to let me make that decision…Sharon’s ethics and professionalism are beyond reproach.she never asked me to meet any standard to which she did not hold herself. Sharon has been the perfect coach for me.

Ann Kirby, M.A., President, EnnCourage, Inc.

Sharon has been instrumental in the significant growth of my business over the past few years. By helping me focus on clearly defined goals – goals that are truly important to me rather than artificial corporate goals – I have become much more satisfied and successful. Sharon takes the time and has the personal interest in supporting, cajoling, and celebrating with me on my personal path to success.

Brett Goodrich, MDRT, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company

Because of Sharon, I’m on a more fulfilling life path that will maximize my skills and allow me to handle my vulnerabilities more comfortably..I don’t know anyone who does anything like what she does. She is wonderful, caring, genuine, practical, intuitive, and wise.Sharon has helped me change my life.

Dr. Anne Stoline, Staff Psychiatrist, Perry Point VA Medical Center

The various positions I have held in Maryland have afforded me the opportunity to develop traditional leadership abilities and to be viewed by my colleagues as a leader in the field of child maltreatment. Yet, Sharon has challenged me to broaden my definition of “leadership”. Being a leader means being a catalyst for change: individual change, organizational change, communal change. A person who helps others to realize their potential, as Sharon does so well, is indeed a leader. Sharon serves as a role model for me in being a catalyst for change at multiple levels. Sharon Seal is gifted in encouraging me (and many others) to take a dream, an idea, a concept, and to do something about it. Sharon’s coaching makes me want to be a better person and a better servant of children, our most precious resource.

Elaine Witman, Project Director, Sidran Traumatic Stress Institute

As a manager.I have made significant strides in my managerial abilities as a result of working with Sharon Seal. Sharon assisted me in acquiring the skills I need to work with a variety of people and she gave me concrete tools to use in my everyday interactions. Positive coaching strategies and flexibility are two of Sharon’s greatest strengths. I really appreciate her sensitivity and ability to give gentle, constructive criticism.

Yolanda Keys, Intensive Care Unit Manager, Christus Spohn

You are worth your weight in gold.

Ellie Ciolfi, President, Strength In Numbers, Inc.

I was thinking today about how talented you are as a personal coach and how blessed I am to have found you when I did. Somehow you intuit just the right way to respond to where I am. Your guidance and support is invaluable to me.

Ann Rasenberger, Division Director, Catholic Charities of Maryland

Thank you for your patience with me, for your encouragement and soft constructive critiques. You are a truly amazing woman with depth beyond first encounter.

Sharon Maben,Partner, Visionmark Design & Communications