My 2024 Theme: Fully Present, Deeply Peaceful

My 2024 Theme: Fully Present, Deeply Peaceful

Welcome to 2024! Long-time Musings readers know that my “theme” for the year is one I reflect on and share each January. It is aspirational and a learning lens to focus my professional and personal development. My theme this year is Fully Present, Deeply Peaceful. Alert readers may recall that my 2023 theme included “peaceful.” Although progress was made in reducing my stress levels and accepting what is, continued exploration of the path to peacefulness feels more important now than ever. Today’s world is complex, evolving, and uncertain. It is also full of opportunities to spread kindness, share learning, and pay attention to the beauty and wonder of not just this earth, but in each person.

Regular meditation, breathing techniques, and being outdoors are among the practices I use to clear my mind to be fully present with my coaching clients as I listen, challenge, and support. Whether in a coaching session, playing with my granddaughter, listening to a friend, or talking with a loved one, I am even more committed to being present on all levels.

I’m still wrestling with how to be fully present in a troubled and tumultuous world, while holding peace at my center. Peace already resides within me. My exploration is how to bring peace forward, so it imbues my mind, body, and spirit. From there, I envision peace rippling out to my family, friends, community, and the world. You never know how small shifts in our own thinking and behavior can impact others.

The picture of a glorious sunrise represents a time each day when I feel deep peace in my heart. My mind slows down as my eyes drink in the majestic beauty of Nature. I carry that reminder with me throughout the day, that peace is always at hand if I just stop to embrace it. This year my intention is to embody peace through my work, relationships, and life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow alongside you in this endeavor. Have a beautiful start to the new year.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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