My 2023 Theme: Peaceful, Purposeful, Playful

Welcome 2023, a fresh new year to explore and embrace! The past year had its share of ups and downs. Some of the highpoints were several wonderful new clients; more time in person with loved ones; being able to work face-to-face after two years of remote work; and attending a beautiful family wedding in Dallas. I’m also grateful for robust health, after a mild case of Covid in June.

Long-time Musings readers know that my “theme” for the year is one I reflect on and share each January. It is aspirational and a learning lens to focus my professional and personal development. My 2023 theme is: Peaceful Purposeful Playful. Last year a combination of new realities and concerns for the future resulted in feelings of significant angst. My firm intention is to be more peaceful this year. Staying in the present; daily prayer and meditation; and limiting my media exposure are some of my foundational strategies to a more peaceful presence. And I’d love to hear how you maintain a peaceful center in these trying times.

I am also committed to being more purposeful in how I spend my time, energy, and resources. Personal and professional relationships are extremely important to me. I will focus on nurturing those that bring me joy and encourage my best self to come forward. Activities that waste time or don’t bring me fulfillment are being eliminated. My new budget balances fiscal discipline with funding for travel, learning, and giving opportunities.

Which brings me to playful, the third component of my theme. Perhaps you might agree that the past couple of years have brought considerable challenge and constriction. I’m eager to bring more lightness and laughter into my too-serious life. Initial plans for whole-hearted play include more time with fun (and funny) friends; more golf and games (while avoiding Pickleball); and a second course in stand-up comedy.

I’ll let you know how I’m embodying these three intentions as the year unfolds. Meanwhile, if I can support you in creating and living out your own theme for 2023, please ask. It would be my pleasure to work with you in this realm.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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