Small Business Owners

If you are the owner of a small business, or run your own practice as part of a larger organization (for example, if you are a financial planner, investment advisor, insurance broker, franchisee, etc.) you are in the right place. Coaching Concepts is the perfect solution for those who have big challenges but modest budgets. You have myriad responsibilities, lofty goals, and a minimal support system (or else one that is very formulaic but not really a fit for your unique needs and challenges). You relish your independence, but instinctively know that you would benefit from a collaborative partnership.

On behalf of the entire management team, I would like to thank you for all the moral support and encouragement, generosity, patience, and gentle direction which you brought into our work place. The energizing way you have of educating while laughing assisted us through some very trying times. Your spirit lifted all of us and provided us with the desire to learn about ourselves and discover the strengths in each other. I know we’ve grown, I can feel it every day.

President, photography studio

Coaching Concepts helps illuminate blind spots, keeps you focused, and provides support in strategically growing your business. We help you see your potential and maximize your strengths. We walk (or run) alongside you as you take your business to the next level. We know you, your team, and your industry. We listen. We serve as a sounding board and a mirror. We are completely and unabashedly in your corner.

We can tailor a coaching relationship that works for you and your team, at a level of involvement and effort that meets your unique needs and desires. Our services for small businesses include on-site or telephone coaching sessions; facilitation of staff meetings; guidance in assessing and developing your team; and annual strategic planning for your company.

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