Fearless, Fit, Flow

My 2021 Theme: Fearless, Fit, Flow

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to check-in.  My apologies for being absent from your In Box through most of 2020. My hope is that we each emerged into 2021 with greater wisdom and compassion after confronting the myriad challenges last year brought.  Above all, I hope you and those you love are healthy and safe.

My three words for my 2021 theme are Fearless, Fit, Flow. I realize how much fear sapped my energy as the spread of coronavirus accelerated. Like many of you, I have been very locked down and isolated since early March. Fear crippled me in some respects. Oh, I still worked with all my coaching clients and continue to be fully present with them. Yet outside of work, I felt as though I was being stalked by some wild animal waiting for me to let my guard down so it could pounce. That is not a way to live, as fear erodes the joy and spontaneity from life. So, my intention is to face fear, acknowledge it, and then turn my thoughts and actions to being courageous and fearless.

The Fit component of my theme entails healthy habits for my body, mind, and spirit. One good thing about having more time (without travel, on-site coaching sessions, social events, coffee with friends, running errands, etc.) is being able to increase focus on my yoga practice and home workouts. Also, being mentally sharp and fit to coach is important, both for my client work and my adjunct faculty responsibilities at Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. Keeping spiritually fit is supported by daily Quiet Time (to journal, pray, read) and phone calls with family and friends. And a special shout-out to Jim, my partner of 21 years, who brings me perspective, comfort, and support…and gets me on the golf course for fun and relaxation.

Flow represents how I want my life to be: holding both joy and sorrow; greeting all that comes with an open heart; creating balance between work and play; and finding a rhythm that allows me to dive deep and then rest, restore, and repeat. Every sunrise reminds me of the rhythms and flow of life.

May 2021 bring you health, wisdom, laughter, hope, and equanimity. If I can support you in any way, please ask.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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