Executive Coaching

You are here for a reason. Perhaps you want more clarity in your work, more insights into your blind spots, or more purpose in your career path. Perhaps you seek the tools and techniques to succeed in a new role, or desire the structure and support to be more effective in your position. Maybe you need a trusted thinking ally who can help you see yourself or assess a challenge from a new perspective. You are in the right place; Coaching Concepts is the partner you have been looking for.

We work with bright, successful professionals who want to bring more of themselves to their work, while achieving life balance and a winning edge. Our clients range from factory workers to rocket scientists; many are small business owners, consultants, and executives in small to medium corporations. Many of our clients hire us to hone their leadership skills, develop professional presence, or increase their emotional intelligence quota. They come to us for guidance and support. They stay with us for the results that the powerful and unique collaborative partnership we design together brings them.

Sharon is indeed an exceptional leader. Her personal vision of what coaching can do to improve lives of her clients is inspiring and comes from someone who sees herself and is viewed by others as a leader in her field. Not only does Sharon help her clients become better leaders through traditional executive coaching, she models the traits of leadership she is teaching.

President, Healthcare Consulting Firm

 Executive coach Sharon Keys Seal begins by getting to know you, your strengths, your challenges, and your aspirations. We assess your unique situation and help you articulate your professional goals. You define what success will be in our coaching relationship and in our work. We design specific action steps that keep you motivated and focused. Sharon coaches you in implementing your action plan. We work on two levels: skills and behavior, and attitudes and perspectives. You are treated as the unique individual that you are, with custom-designed coaching, professional accountability, strict confidentiality, and fieldwork tailored to enhance and support your professional development.

Our clients attest to the value that working with Coaching Concepts brings to their work and their life. To talk with Sharon about how executive coaching can help you see and grow your own potential, while working with a coach who is completely focused on your success, click here.

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