Transition to New Coaching Concepts Office

July 2002

I’m writing this from my new office, and my new home, which is bright, airy, and delightful. It is quite a change, coming from a 75 year-old home into an apartment where everything is brand new. The move has given me the opportunity to do a lot of paring down (not enough, though, if you ask my beau). It has been eye-opening to me to realize how much stuff I can just label “store” and stack in the garage. The letting go has been a shift for me, but it has made me focus on things that are more important and permanent.

At the top of that list of things that really matter are my family and friends. They were here to lend a hand (or, for those far away, bless me with telephone calls, notes, and funny cards to cheer me on) and gave generously of their time and energy during the move and preparations beforehand. Our “pack and yack” sessions were not only very productive, but they gave me the opportunity to talk and laugh and sometimes even cry (leaving my home of 18+ years was not without a lot of emotion and some sadness).

Thanks so much for your patience during my move and the transition of my office. I’m back on line now, and am slowly sorting through the boxes and decorating the office. My new office number is 410-602-9402; my fax line is 410-602-9284. My post office box, email, and website remain the same. I haven’t unearthed my stationery yet (and it is outdated now anyway), so those of you that receive this missive via snail mail please excuse the informality of the note.

This month my study week is July 22nd through 26th. Have a wonderful, safe Independence Day. Remember those things that are important to you, your family, and our country during this week of celebrating freedom and independence.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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