Fun Dimensions

January 2004

This letter was actually written on December 27th; because I was on vacation in North Carolina this past week. As I thought about what I wanted to write about this month, my mind kept going to a topic very apropos for the holidays: FUN.

This Christmas, I have been blessed to have a lot of fun in my life. As many of you know, being with my two sons is my definition of pure fun. They are lively, interesting, bright, and have incredibly wonderful senses of humor. We have had a lot of fun this holiday, with cooking lessons (by yours truly), movies, shopping, laughing, and just hanging out together. My beau is a ton of fun; while reserved in public, he can be a total goof-ball, and is always willing to do anything that is an adventure and fun. And, we are surrounded with loving friends whose laughter and vastly differing views on life are a great source of fun.

Fun, for me, usually involves either laughter or learning. Have you ever noticed how you connect more deeply with those with whom you share a laugh, whether in a social setting or at work? Or felt the exhilaration of learning something new, or seeing something with new eyes, and realized “This is fun!” When I am faced with a task that seems daunting, or a deadline that is looming, I look to see where and how I can have fun with it. I may make it a game, or devise a contest with myself, or reward myself with something fun (a trip to the bookstore, a walk, a long-distance call to a dear friend) for completing the task. Most of my work, I view as fun; supporting others as they learn and grow is a blast.

Adriana Diaz writes “Fun has a sacred dimension.” I believe what she means by that is, when we are having fun, we are tapping into a part of our deepest selves, a part that is child-like, free, and spontaneous. Surely that is a sacred part of our selves, and brings with it a sense of flow and connection. Fun has a place not only in our personal lives, but in our professional lives, if we want to bring our best to our work.

Where and when do you have fun in your life? Do you appreciate the value of fun, and its ability to transform relationships and how we see our work? I hope that 2004 brings you much fun, in addition to peace and prosperity.

Sharon Keys Seal

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