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Healthy Holiday Perspective

December 2004

I’m a bit late this month getting my client letter out. My week was really busy, and yesterday I just felt I needed to take some time for myself after facilitating an invigorating yet intense retreat on the 1st for a client. So, after my morning coaching calls yesterday, I headed to the gym for an hour or so. A wonderful book (having nothing to do with business or management) got a couple of hours of my time – right in the middle of the day! I listened to my new CD of ocean sounds (real ones, not computer-generated), and meditated for a while. I made a cup of chai tea and read some more. I called and talked and laughed with one of my dearest friends for half an hour. I went to a charity networking event and met some really cool women. In short, I took time to refresh and restore myself.

It has taken me years to learn to have such a luxurious afternoon to myself, listening to my own inner rhythms and needs, without feeling guilty or worried about not working. Trust me, I work a lot; but I am also learning to pay attention when my body says slow down, or when my heart says go play. I also think my coaching is better, more focused, and more authentic when I am living with respect for myself.

I hope that as this holiday season approaches, you take the time to listen to what you really need, both at work and at home. Focus on what truly matters. Keep a healthy perspective about what you can and can’t do – and do joyfully – during the holidays. I hope that your holidays are full of all that is precious to you.

Sharon Keys Seal