Year-End Reflections

December 2010

These past couple of days, I’ve been looking back over my year and assessing how I did with my “Focus and Freedom” theme. Although there is always room for improvement, I feel I did a reasonably good job in reflecting my intentions this year.  I focused on honing my coaching skills; one way I did that was by taking an in-depth course this fall on ICF core competencies. That was a powerful refresher for me, and a source of inspiration as I worked alongside some excellent coaches. Time management was also something I paid attention to. Making a daily “to do” list, and then working from that, has been one key behavior in improving my focus and managing my time. Staying fully present and in the moment also helps me invest time wisely.  Using my intuition and wisdom has also been a focus in 2010. Morning quiet time has become an essential part of my day, and helps me to slow down and listen to my inner voice. Most decisions are now made only after giving myself time to reflect and focus on the full impact they will have on my life, work and values. 

Freedom took the form of letting go of negative thinking, as well as opening up choices versus feeling stuck. Running my own business affords me a lot of freedom, which in the past has been hard for me to embrace. This year, I took time off to visit Costa Rica with dear friends, surprise my Mom on her 80th birthday in Texas, and take a number of long weekends with Jim. Freedom also came with learning to say “no” when an opportunity was not right for me, even though it meant making less money.

It has also been a time to reflect on all that I am grateful for. Good health is something I work at and am thankful for each day. Smart, engaged, challenging clients are a tremendous gift in my life. I’m grateful for interesting, devoted friends who laugh with me and teach me so much. My loving family makes my life complete. The icing on the cake is a terrific beau, beautiful home, and the cutest dog in Maryland.

As you look back over your year, what are you most grateful for? Which of your intentions did you realize? Take time this month to celebrate all you have learned and accomplished, and how you have grown. Let me know if I can support you in that process of reflection.

With all best wishes for a joyful holiday season,

Sharon Keys Seal

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