My 2011 Theme: Opportunities and Experiences

January 2011

Happy New Year! I hope this missive finds you relaxed and gearing up for a terrific 2011. This week is also a time for reflecting on the past year. In going over my intentions for last year, I am happy to report that I achieved much of what I set out to accomplish. In fact, 2010 was my best year in 15+ years of executive coaching. And, for those few goals that were not attained, I realized that some of what seemed important a year ago turned out to not matter as much to me in the grand scheme of things. Today I am grateful for a year where I learned a lot about myself,  worked with many amazing clients, and shared wonderful times with my family and friends.

My theme for 2011 is “Opportunities and Experiences.” I want to imagine, create, and live in a world of possibilities. My personal intentions are to be open to new relationships and opportunities to learn from others, to be curious, and to seek fun, interesting experiences. My focus will be on meaningful experiences as opposed to material goods or possessions. My professional intentions are to attract new coaching opportunities and interesting clients that continue to stretch me. I want to tackle with courage and grace even those opportunities that may be daunting to me.

One exciting opportunity has already shown up: an invitation to serve on the adjunct faculty for Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Program. It is an opportunity to be in community with some of the country’s brightest coaches, and to mentor and coach adult learners who hold leadership positions in a broad range of professions. This experience promises to not only enrich my life, but also benefit my clients as I immerse myself in deep thinking and learning about executive coaching, expanding self-awareness and honing leadership skills. I look forward to my role as Learning Circle Advisor with a curious mind and open heart.

May your New Year be one of peace and prosperity, with many opportunities and experiences that bring you joy. Thank you for the privilege of serving you in the past. I look forward to supporting you in your professional growth in 2011.

Warm regards,

Sharon Keys Seal

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