Who Are You?

April 2002

I recently read a quote from Jo Giese, author of A Woman’s Path, which reads “When we ask a person ‘What do you do?,’ we’re really asking, Who are you?” My intention is for my coaching work, which is of course what I do, to always honestly reflect and answer the question “Who am I?” This entails a level of openness, truth, and self-knowledge that challenges me to the same high standard that my clients meet in our work together. Over the years, I have observed the complexity and depth of my clients evolve as I have evolved as a person and a professional. Rather than being intimidating, this phenomenon is one that keeps me sharp, aware, and fascinated with my chosen field of work. I regard every client interaction as a gift, and appreciate so much the synergy that you and I create together in our work.

Letting Sharon show up in our coaching work is an on-going intention of mine. I’m by nature rather shy, and much prefer the focus to be on anyone but myself. But I’m learning that my best coaching comes when I am truly myself, and not concerned so much about what I’m doing, as who I am in our calls together. I’ve also learned that by stepping back and observing what I do each day, even those small trivial things, I can see who I am. Where I invest my time, the actions I take, the words I use, the company I choose…these all reflect who I really am. Sometimes there is a disconnect for me between my actions and who I think I am (or want to be), and then I know that I have some work to do on myself.

How does what you do reflect who you are? Who shows up in your workplace each day? Would those you relate to at home recognize you at work, or visa versa? Where is there a gap between what you do and who you are? Why? These are questions I hope you will join me in exploring from time to time.

Have a wonderful month as we welcome Spring!

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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