My Unexpected Challenge

March 2002

Please forgive me for getting this letter out a bit late this month. As some of you are aware, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in mid-January, and have spent the past month or so learning about, coming to terms with, and dealing with this new aspect of my life.

When I selected my theme for this year, “Embracing change, while expanding trust and love”, little did I know that such a daunting challenge would be facing me. It has required me to learn to embrace the changes in my energy, in my body, and in my emotions, while trusting the medical profession, my own instincts, and most of all, God. And, I cannot tell you how much love has expanded into my life, which is truly amazing and humbling to me. My family, friends, colleagues, and clients have been incredible in their outpouring of love and support for me. I am so grateful.

Let me hasten to say that while I am taking great care of myself (spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually), one of my primary concerns is making sure that each of you does not feel any adverse impact at all in my level of service, accessibility, or quality of coaching, during this time of my treatments and healing. My coaching practice is doing well, and I am continuing to handle my regular client load. As a matter of fact, I welcome any referrals you might have for me during this time.

My surgery went well, and I began chemotherapy on March 1st. I will have three more chemotherapy sessions, spread three weeks apart. Then, I will begin five to seven weeks of radiation treatments. I expect some fatigue as the process goes on, but nothing at all that will interfere with our work together. As always, you are welcome to ask me anything about my progress, and I covet your prayers when God brings me to mind. Just remember, our calls are your time, and the focus is on you!

My sense is that this challenge will enable me to be an even stronger, more compassionate, and more in-tune coach than before. I am already learning much about myself, my strengths, my frailties, and about how God does not give me more than I can handle. It is my intention to have whatever new insights I have during this process benefit not only myself, but all those with whom I am privileged to work. Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey, and to share mine with you.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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