The Abundance In Yes

December 2008

This month’s missive was started in the quiet early morning hours before I head to the kitchen to start my Thanksgiving cooking.  It is a beautiful, clear day and the sun is sparkling off the water.  The silence is broken only by the occasional thud of a clamshell dropped onto the pier by an enterprising seagull.  Peace surrounds me.  My heart is full of gratitude for my many blessings, both personal and professional.

My theme for this year – Simplicity and Generosity – has provided me with many valuable lessons.  On the one hand, striving for simplicity in such a complex world has been a challenge.  On the other, cutting back on “stuff” and paring down has been an obvious and judicious path when the economy is in turmoil.  Simplicity forces me to be clear about my goals, needs and principles, so decisions are easier.  I have redefined abundance as being more in the spiritual sense, and not the material world.  And I realize that my life is rich with the blessings that meaningful relationships bring.  For that I am so grateful.

As we have all tightened our belts in these tough financial times, I have had to be more creative in reflecting generosity in my life.  While my dollars are limited, I try to wisely give of my time and talent where it is needed.  The first step is heightening my awareness to opportunities to practice generosity.  The next is acting on those, with a selfless heart that doesn’t look for reward or recognition.  Instead of reacting from lack, when I respond from abundance, all things seem different and doable. 

Some years ago, a friend taught me that when we come from “yes” it shifts our entire perspective on a situation.  Yes, I can help with that.  Yes, you are important to our team.  Yes, tell me about your vision for the company.  Yes, we share the same concerns.  I hope that in the month ahead, you will begin with yes in all of your interactions with others.  Notice what that one subtle change does for your heart, your spirit, your work, and your life.  May you have a blessed holiday season, filled with simple abundance and the privilege of giving generously of your own gifts and greatness.  Thank you for all that you bring to me through our work together.

Sharon Keys Seal

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