Discovery and Discipline: My Theme for 2009

January 2009

Happy New Year!  Although last year was fulfilling in many respects, it is always energizing to turn the calendar page to a new year.  The political, economic, and social landscapes all portend an exciting yet difficult era.  My intention is to embrace the new and the unknown, while being mindful of what I will need to navigate through the uncertain and uncharted waters that lie ahead.  As such, I have decided that “Discovery and Discipline” will be my theme for this year. 

Discovery means being open to new ideas and seeing the world with fresh eyes.  Learning is so important to me, and as I travel through this year I want to learn more about our amazing planet and its inhabitants.  That may look like anything from experimenting with heirloom tomatoes in my garden next summer, to reading a poet whose work is new to me, to engaging with old (and new) friends to discover nuances in their thinking.  Discovery has a connotation of risk and daring, of pushing the envelope.  Not something I am naturally wired to do, and so it will be fun to discover more about myself in the arena of adventure.  My intention is also to delight in discovering more about my spirituality, God, and the treasures He offers me on a daily basis.  Professionally, there are myriad opportunities for discovery in my work.  Trusting my intuition more, being more powerful in how I show up in our coaching sessions, and taking on projects that push me to stretch and grow are all pathways to discovering my strengths.  My work is one of my passions, and each day you surprise and delight and challenge me.  I am incredibly blessed to sharing learning and discovery with each of my clients.   

Discipline is the second component of my theme.  It seems to go hand-in-hand with discovery.  For example, to discover how strong my body can be will require discipline on my part (yesterday I did 25 pushups, and with discipline I will someday hit 50).  Discipline means I will stay focused on what is truly important, and not allow negative thoughts to crowd into my mind.  It means holding my daily quiet time sacrosanct.  I want to have the discipline to use my time wisely, accomplish my goals, and have balance in my life.  The discipline to nurture my mind, body, and spirit will enable me to thrive this year. 

If I can help you to explore your world and your work by creating a theme for the year, please let me know.  Thank you for the privilege of sharing your professional journey with me.

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