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July 2004

June was a month of growth and learning for me as a coach. The month began with an intensive, two-day workshop in Alexandria, Virginia on relationship coaching. The course was excellent, and I came away with many techniques and tools to use in coaching partnerships, team members, and employer/employee relationships. I have already been putting much of this learning to use, and have had great feedback on the results. Please keep me in mind for any colleagues who are in a business relationship that would benefit from some intensive coaching sessions to make the partnership more effective.

Another workshop I took was on attitudes and encompassed effective interpersonal communication, understanding our own strengths and weaknesses, the benefits of a positive mental attitude toward ourselves and others, and dealing with emotions. How we perceive and respond to events surrounding us is our choice, and this awareness is the first step in changing negative attitudes to positive ones. The workshop presented new perspectives on some familiar topics, and I am excited about incorporating this learning into my coaching while supporting my clients in the development of healthy workplace attitudes.

There was ample opportunity to both lead and learn in the four-week teleclass I ran last month called “The Leader in the Mirror.” Seven enthusiastic participants brought many insights to the class, and it was a rich and stimulating journey for everyone. I came away with a deeper understanding of not only the subject matter (personal leadership development), but also of myself. One thing I realized was that leading a class is both fun and exhausting. I loved every minute of the experience and plan to do more of this type of interactive facilitation of groups in the future. If you have any particular topics you would enjoy learning about in a small group environment (no more than eight people on the call), please let me know and I will keep your suggestions in mind as I design my fall coaching schedule. You can reach me on my new office line, 410-515-1833.

I will be on vacation from July 2 nd to 10 th, and back in my office on Monday, July 12 th. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July; please remember to give thanks for the freedoms we cherish in this country.

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