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October 2006

I’m writing this letter a day late, as yesterday (Sunday) I took the day off to plant tulip and crocus bulbs in our garden and then just hang out with my beau.  The relaxing day gave me a chance to think about what autumn holds for me, and some things that I’m working on in my professional life.  I thought I would take this opportunity to catch you up on some of what’s been in my head, and on my heart, in recent weeks.

As some of you know, I just began my eight month Leadership Coaching certificate  If the first three days of the program are any indication, this year will be filled with lots of challenges to my old ways of thinking and working.  At its core, the program encourages me to develop attributes as a leadership coach that combine compassion, intuition, humility, wisdom, and heart.  I’m very excited about the opportunity to set aside time to delve deeply into new methods, approaches, techniques, and perspectives in a structured fashion, led by an incredible faculty.

For example, we are required to practice in various domains of learning.  Language is one domain; the body and emotions are others.  Language as a learning domain is a concept that is new to me, although much of it is intuitive.  It is fascinating to me that a new understanding of language is directly connected to how I understand myself, others, and the world around me.  Some of this will be showing up in our coaching work, and I will also be writing about my learning in those three domains throughout the year. 

My work at Georgetown will dovetail nicely with a six month course I’m taking on Byron Katie’s “The Work.”   The interactive class is helping me to discover how tenaciously I hold on to beliefs that don’t serve me, and how to use a process of inquiry to help those beliefs let go of me.  I am learning much that is freeing me from the “stories” that I so adroitly concoct about life, about myself, and about my relationships.

One reason I invest my time, energy, and money in these programs is to have more insights and tools to serve my clients.   I hope that you will see and feel the benefits of my learning in our work together.  It is a privilege to be on a learning journey with you.

Sharon Keys Seal

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