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August 2006

This past week, I had the joy of experiencing the most relaxing and refreshing vacation.  I visited Yellowstone National Park for the first time, and stood in awe at the natural wonders it holds:  the soaring geysers, sweeping plains, verdant forests, and abundant wildlife.  Then we went south to Jackson Hole, where I spent a lot of time hiking, biking, and just gazing at the magnificent Teton mountain range. 

The ideal vacation, for me, has a certain magical blend of being with those I love, plenty of physical activity, and lots of time alone to be quiet and still.  In the woods of Wyoming, the only sounds might be the chirp of crickets and the occasional rustle of leaves as a squirrel scampers past.  There is something infinitely soothing about being in a place where you can turn off all the distractions we surround ourselves with, and just listen to your own heart’s whisperings. 

The river helped me to appreciate the flow of my own life, with its calm eddies, rushing rapids, and roaring waterfalls.  Seeing the young pines emerge among fire-blackened stumps reminded me that rebirth comes after tragedy and hardship.  The mountains assured me of the enduring mystery and power of nature.  So, in addition to being very relaxed, I came away refreshed in my mind, body, and spirit. 

I know that taking a vacation is an occasional indulgence.  However, I do believe that we can replicate the benefits we get from a great vacation by training our mind and heart to be still and quiet.  You can regularly revisit that quiet place within your spirit, to refresh and center yourself.  Surround yourself with those you care about, who feed your spirit with love and laughter and truth.  Exercise regularly to keep yourself in shape for the rigors of work (and play).  I hope that you will make the time to do these things, and that you are able to find that place of peace within yourself.  If I can serve you in that journey, please ask.

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