Thoughts of Happiness

June 2011

Today I’m feeling happy, so thought I would write about that. This is my Musings, and it seems to flow best when I just write about what is on my mind and heart. I’ve also been thinking a lot about what happiness is and what causes it. It doesn’t seem to hinge on one’s wealth or station in life. You and I both know folks who have plenty of bucks and resources, yet they seem miserable. Even those who have attained success in the workplace often seem less than thrilled about their lot in life.

Despite having a wonderful childhood, it seems to me that as I’ve gotten older, happiness is easier to come by than in my youth. A big part of that is due to acceptance of myself and others. I no longer expend any energy (well, not much anyway) worrying about what I don’t have, didn’t do, or should have known. Foibles and quirks of my own and others are entertaining instead of irritating. Perspective also gives happiness a toehold, as I explore new ways of seeing myself, the world, my work, and life in general. Lest you think I’m delusional, I recognize that as I get older, the chances of something “bad” happening in my life (or to those I love) increases. Experience has taught me that being open and grateful for the happiness I experience today will help me through tough times that will undoubtedly come tomorrow. I’m blessed with friends who model that for me.

The very word “content” used to scare me; it signified giving up or becoming complacent. Today, I embrace contentment and the peace that it brings me. A peaceful spirit seems to be a necessary ingredient for happiness. Yes, I still love learning, growing, and exploring life. And, I also have come to appreciate stillness, being present in the moment, and just being. Being more mindful of my thoughts, words, and deeds leads me closer to an inner spring of happiness. Healthy relationships are another key ingredient to happiness. They take work, courage and caring. They yield incredible amounts of joy.

So, what does happiness have to do with my coaching and with your work? Well, I believe that work and happiness can exist in the same office, be it the mailroom or the corner executive suite. Don’t leave happiness at home, or save it for only special occasions or vacations. Welcome any excuse to be happy. Splash it around, share it, and be grateful for it. You may just find a new energy for work, and life, when you nurture happiness within you. If you want to talk about how happiness can be more a part of your work life, please let me know. It would be a pleasure to discuss this topic with you, a fellow explorer.

Warm regards,

Sharon Keys Seal

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