Theme for 2018: Explore and Experience

Theme for 2018: Explore and Experience

Have you ever seen the world through the eyes of a child? Of course you have; we have all been children. Yet as we grow older, our way of seeing and experiencing often becomes clouded and narrow (each of us can fill in our own particular reasons why). Lately I have been reflecting on how I can reboot how I see the world, and the way I see myself, to allow for more personal and professional growth. So, my theme for 2018 is “Explore and Experience.”

As part of my exploration, questions to reflect on include: What kind of experiences would be most meaningful to me, and why? What will help open up new understanding (e.g., travel, books, workshops, deep conversations) as I explore? What fresh meaning do even everyday experiences hold? How am I stretching myself to embrace more new and varied experiences? What will make my experiences richer? There is much to explore, and so much to learn. When I imagine how a child experiences the world, that is how I want to approach my life this year…with curiosity, openness and delight.

Life moves so fast. I want to slow time by being present to each experience, whether engaging with an activity, object or person. Opening up to experiences means embracing all that life brings me, both the light and the dark. There are many challenges and many opportunities ahead. My intention is to learn and grow from each, and be grateful as I open my eyes and my heart to all that life has to offer.

If I can support you as you experience the year ahead, please let me know. And, if you have any adventures to share or recommend, I would enjoy hearing about them.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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