Happy Golfer

The Happy Golfer

As summer approaches, and the weather gets nice, my thoughts turn to ways to get outside more. In the past, that has been kayaking, walking and biking. I still enjoy those activities. Being outside always makes me happy. This year, golf has me hooked. I am a beginner golfer, and have been surprised by how much I enjoy it. Walking a beautiful golf course, clearing my mind by really focusing on the game, spending time with Jim, and getting lots of exercise…what’s not to like? Yes, there are times when I get frustrated, but that is part of the learning process. Frustration leads to trying to figure out what I can do better, and an openness to learning. Although I am a rank beginner, in each round there are just enough decent shots to give me hope…so I keep coming back.

Golf is something that I will never master. The good news is small changes can have big results. Although my shots mostly stay in the fairway, it often takes me three swings to get to where Jim hits his first drive. That teaches me patience. It also motivates me to work out harder with my trainer, so I can get stronger and hit the ball farther. A slight change in my stance gives greater control over the ball. Studying the green leads to more accurate putts. Staying completely focused makes a big difference in how I hit the ball. And, I love how clear my head becomes when I let go of everything that I might be worrying about, and just focus on that little white ball.

My beau is generous in sharing great golf tips with me. It is also fun to golf with friends. They usually teach me something, either with a few kind suggestions, or just by me observing how they address the ball or line up a putt. I never take my cell phone with me, and it is so nice to just be with Jim and friends without any distractions. Developing relationships while golfing appeals to my fun-loving, playful nature as well as my desire to be with family and friends. Golfing makes me happy.

What makes you happy in the summer? Are you saying no to long hours at the office, and changing your routine to allow for doing things you love? What are the benefits of having more times in your life that make you happy? I hope that you can take advantage of a slower pace this summer, and just spend some time having fun (assuming fun is one of the things that makes you happy). And, if you happen to be a golfer and can suffer playing with a novice, on an executive course, I would love to play sometime. Now, that would make me happy!

Warm regards,
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