Summer Time

Ah, summer….I was thinking this morning about some of the things I love about summer:

  • temperatures that remind me of my south Texas roots
  • kayaking on water that is like glass in the early morning
  • Maryland eastern shore tomato sandwiches (the only time I eat white bread)
  • a more relaxed pace at work
  • watching the osprey chicks hatch and eventually learn to fly
  • the sound of children laughing at the community park near us
  • eating dinner, comprised of all fresh vegetables, out on the deck
  • weeding and pruning our rose bushes (which always reminds me of my grandfather “Big Prince” who was so passionate about his rose garden)
  • watching golf on television on a Sunday afternoon while napping on the couch
  • after-dinner walks through the neighborhood with Jim
  • exploring various county parks with Harley, our cockapoo dog
  • talking with a friend on a long, brisk walk down the B&A trail
  • picnicking and dancing on the terrace at Boordy Vineyards
  • sunrise yoga out on our pier
  • playing golf with Jim
  • taking a boat ride to watch the sun set over the water

What I notice about my list is that it centers on a few themes: family, friends, food, fun, and being outdoors. Summer is a time that I feel most free and most like myself. Although I am not very athletic, I love being outdoors and being physically active. As a result, I have a ton of energy in the summer (maybe because of those Sunday afternoon naps…but I think more because I’m doing things I love….). And, I find myself more focused and balanced when I am working.

How do you unwind in the summer? Are you doing what you love, with those you love? What impact does a summer mindset have on your work? May you enjoy this last month of summer, and live every moment with exuberance and gratitude. Have fun!

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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