Silver Linings

August 2005

Next week we move into our newly-rebuilt home, 22 months after Hurricane Isabel destroyed our house on the water. It would be hard to convey how excited I am about having a home again (after living with a very patient relative all this time in the second floor of her house). Despite the hardships and heartaches we have endured since our house and virtually everything in it was ruined, I have also been aware of the many blessings the storm brought to my life. In my journaling the other day, I listed some of the things I have learned, and thought I would share them with you today, in no particular order. I have learned..

  • To take nothing for granted, and to always be grateful for every minute of life.
  • That possessions are not necessary for a rich life.
  • That the quality of Chinese food, salad bars, and fast-food joints vary widely (important to know for someone who has pretty much existed on take-out food for two years).
  • That what truly matters in this world are relationships.
  • That I can live quite simply and happily in just two rooms.
  • That grieving is a long and layered process.
  • That really comfortable and stylish shoes are hard to replace.
  • That in times of stress it is doubly important to care for myself spiritually, emotionally, physically, and relationally.
  • That cooking and entertaining are the things I miss most about not having a home.
  • That my clients are supportive, generous, and interested in my well-being.
  • That humor and laughter make even the toughest times bearable.
  • That simple acts of kindness from others stay indelibly in my mind and heart.
  • That I can express my opinions strongly and still be okay when I don’t get my way (this mainly relates to furniture shopping experiences with my beau!).
  • That some things that were lost in the flood, like my antique cup and saucer collection, I may always mourn for.but will always have the memories.

The tough times in life often bring valuable lessons. What are you learning from your travails at work and in life in general? If I can support you in any way, please call.

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