Remind Me

This month, I have welcomed two new executive clients. One of my greatest joys is seeing trust, communication, and understanding blossom between me and my clients. It is a privilege to serve leaders who are willing to be candid and vulnerable, and who are so passionate in their commitment to professional development. This summer I have also taken more opportunities to be with friends that make me laugh (and think). Nothing relaxes me more than spending time with a close friend. And, recently six wise colleagues who have known me for many years graciously agree to do a mini-360 assessment on me. Hearing their thoughtful, insightful feedback was an incredible gift. I’ll be reflecting more on their suggested areas of growth in the coming weeks, as I take some time off for vacation in August.

Each of these relationships – clients, friends, colleagues – helps me to see myself from different perspectives. I treasure those interactions and opportunities to learn about myself. In a first for one of my Musings, I thought I would share a poem that I wrote a few years ago about this topic:

“Remind Me”

when our fragile friendship
sprouts tendrils of trust
and we begin to venture
beyond that which we
so cheerfully and carefully present,
remind me to share my many
foibles, adventures,
fears and dreams.

We are each more
and less
than others see.
Cherished is that friend
who knows without asking
who that real self might be.

Through your eyes
and in the telling,
I remember who I am,
coming full circle back
to recognize
myself anew.

It is not often that we get to see ourselves through another’s eyes. Will you take the time this summer to be with those that truly know you, so that you may come to know yourself even better?

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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