Reinventing Yourself

May 2009

Lately I have been thinking about how and who I want to be at this point in my life and career.  My coaching practice, while healthy, is not at the level (crazy busy) it was a year ago.  So I have been asking myself questions such as:  How will I use this new-found time?  What do my clients need from me to support them in these times?  What do I want to nurture in myself to thrive in today’s business environment, and what no longer serves me?  These are times that require a new framework for living and working.  Hmmm…almost a reinventing of myself.

I’ve noticed over the years that, when I have a particular life lesson to learn, my path seems to be strewn with opportunities to do so.  And, sure enough, in the past few weeks I have come across articles about reinventing everything from corporations to college professorships.  Each of these looks closely at what is working, or not, in various institutions.  The same thoughtful approach can be applied to our own individual identity.  Reinventing, to me, means starting over while taking current circumstances into consideration.  It is embracing today’s realities, while keeping an eye out for tomorrow’s challenges.  It is definitely about letting go of past beliefs, structures, and ways of being that no longer serve me.  Reinventing can be wrenching, or it can be liberating.  I like the idea of inventing, and the element of creativity inherent in that concept.

For me, reinventing starts with considering how I can be a better coach, colleague, and friend. My intention is to be more courageous and intuitive in my coaching.  I vow to leave lazy behind, and be more effective with my time, and better focused in how and where I invest my energy.  I want to come from a place of curiosity, take more risks, and learn from my new experiences.  Each day, I strive to read widely and listen intently, to understand as well as feel what is going on in my clients’ world.  As a friend, I want to take my relationships to deeper levels.  This involves spending more time with those I care about.  I’ve also been examining how I see myself, reframing old self-concepts, and becoming more playful.  In the past few weeks, I’ve been rock climbing for the first time; enrolled in a poetry writing class; and volunteered for a project that took me outside my comfort zone.  Each area is entirely new to me; each will shape me in some small way into a new person; stronger, more creative, and more resourceful.

What is working for you, and what are some ways you might want to reinvent yourself? Engaging a coach is just one way to move forward in a new way, in this new world.  Now is a great time to step back, assess, and recalibrate yourself.  If I can help in any way, please ask.

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