Reach High, Play Big

January 2007

As many of you know, each year I select a “theme” to weave into my life.  This year, my theme is “Reach High; Play Big.”  The phrase “reach high” reflects my desire to stretch more in my professional life, and raise the bar in my work.  That might look like taking on especially challenging projects, learning a new skill, or introducing more innovative concepts into my coaching sessions.  I want to reach high in all areas of my life, which starts with an honest examination of where I am too comfortable, conservative, or careful.  Reaching high will, I suspect, simultaneously involve both more discipline and more willingness to color outside the lines.

The other part of my theme has to do with how I approach my life.  I love to play, so why not play big?  This has the connotation of not taking myself too seriously.  It means diving in, going all-out, and not holding back.  Definitely involves getting messy at times, and not being afraid of failing.  And, I trust that playing big will result in more adventure in my life.

My annual theme is one way that I remind myself of areas I want to grow in.  I come up with my themes each year by noticing what I feel drawn to explore more deeply.  Once I determine a theme, it is fascinating to see how opportunities to live it out show up.  My theme is reflected not only in new ways of being, but also in how I think and view the world.  It also imbues how I see my clients and their work.

I encourage you to take time this month to think deeply about what you might want as a theme.  I can support you in developing a theme that could be a touchstone for your year.  Whatever your focus, I hope that your 2007 is filled with learning, love, and laughter.

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