Open Eyes. Open Mind. Open Heart.

January 2013

Welcome to the New Year! As faithful readers know, every January I select a “theme” for my year. My theme is the lens that I look through during the year; it is also a way to name the learning edge that I hope to explore in 2013. This year, my theme is: “Open eyes. Open Mind. Open Heart.” I chose to break it into three distinct components, as that gives each a sense of weight and individual focus. Each piece is important, and all are inter-related. Each is both an action and a way of being.

Open eyes means embracing new ways of seeing myself, others and the world. I want to expand how I view possibilities and problems. My intention is to see with more clarity, and notice those things that I have stopped seeing out of habit. I want to be more observant of what is, while being more open to what might be.

Open mind will mean developing a practice of looking at situations with a different mindset, in order to be successful. I will seek out new learning and understanding, and think in more creative ways. I want my life to be more spacious, loose and fun. In order to do that, I must expand that way of being while still being structured and efficient when appropriate. An open mind entails letting go of old thought habits and beliefs that keep me small or don’t serve me.

Open heart living requires being okay with vulnerability and risk. I want to express more of who I am and why I do what I do. An open heart will enable me to come from love and not fear. This part of my theme is the prerequisite for living with open eyes and an open mind. In both my professional and personal life, I will offer an open heart to those around me. That is where the real Sharon resides.

How might having a theme for 2013 stretch you? What learning do you want to engage in, that would have repercussions in all areas of your life? What do you see as a potential theme for new discoveries that await you in this new year? If I can help you identify, articulate and live out a theme for this year, please call.

Warm regards,

Sharon Keys Seal

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