My 2016 Theme: DREAM

My 2016 Theme: DREAM

Welcome to the New Year! I hope that your holidays were relaxing, and that you are excited about all that awaits us in 2016. As faithful Musings readers know, each year I select a “theme” that guides my thoughts and actions throughout the year. This year’s theme is again an acronym: DREAM. To me, to dream is to shake off the constraints that I habitually think exist, be open to what possibilities life holds, and focus on people and activities that bring me joy. Here are the components I’ll be exploring:

Discipline – When I look back over 2015, I am grateful that there were many goals met. Many were attained by hard work; some with the help of colleagues or partners; and some just by sheer good fortune. Discipline is a key to success when one is a sole proprietor and wears many hats. So, I am focusing on having more discipline in my work realm (increasing coaching skills, attracting clients that challenge me, growing my business, strengthening professional relationships, etc.) and in my personal life (regular exercise, healthy eating, time for travel, being with family and friends, etc.). A healthy degree of discipline is necessary to attain our dreams.

Real – By this, I mean real food, real relationships, real conversations, real fun, real honesty, and even real flowers. I’m cutting out anything artificial, forced, phony or dried up. My belief is that this intention will help bring clarity to my life and my dreams.

Energy – This was a component of my 2015 theme (which was LIFE: Love, Imagination, Focus and Energy). Energy, both physical and emotional, is extremely important to me. There is still much for me to learn in this domain. My desire is to have more sustainable, pure sources of energy in my life. By that I mean workouts that push me physically; relationships that feed my spirit; work that excites and engages me; adequate rest; and listening to my body. It takes energy to bring dreams to reality.

Attitude – So much of how we experience life has to do with attitude. I want to embrace my life and my work with curiosity, a positive attitude, a learner’s mind, and a sense of humor. Life is tough enough; I welcome opportunities to laugh and to love….and to dream.

Mindfulness – This word is rather in vogue these days. I find that achieving true mindfulness is a continuous process. I want to be fully present for each moment, while slowing down and relaxing into what is truly important for me. In this frenetic world we live in, I’ve got a lot of practicing to do about how to live mindfully. And, I believe that our dreams can only come to us when we are still.

Have you considered what your theme for 2016 will be? If I can support you in designing a theme, please call. I always welcome any opportunity to support your professional growth…and your dreams.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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