My 2015 Theme: LIFE

Welcome to the New Year! I hope that you had ample time in the holiday season to relax and be with family and loved ones. Time goes by quickly, doesn’t it? Faithful readers know that each January, I select a theme for the year. After much reflection, I decided on an acronym that captures my intentions for what I want to have more of in 2015: LIFE.

The “L” stands for love. It is a bit sad (and alarming) to me that I hesitated about choosing “love” as one of my intentions. It is a word that is often heard in the personal realm, but less frequently modeled, at least in corporate settings. Yet, love is desperately needed in this weary world. Thus it will be a focus for me in the coming year. My goal is that my thoughts and actions to be sourced in love (and not fear). I want to embody love in all my relationships. Love is kind, selfless and powerful. It is core to who I long to be.

The “I” stands for imagination. Each day is full of promise and potential, waiting for us to shape it with new thinking and behaviors. Before I start my day, I imagine how I want to show up in each meeting or interaction. I imagine myself bolder, more light-hearted, and more creative. Imagine being free of self-limiting thinking, old habits and self-imposed rules. What a difference that will make in 2015.

The “F” stands for focus. My nascent meditation practice has made me painfully aware of how easily my mind wanders off in all directions. The discipline of focus helps me stay sharp. It certainly allows me to be more efficient (and I hope more effective). With each passing day I am reminded of the importance of being fully present – focused – to capture all life has for us. My intention also is to focus on what truly matters, and let the rest go.

Finally, the “E” stands for eat more chocolate. Kidding! It stands for energy. Each day, I try to manage my energy so that it is used in healthy, purposeful ways. That can be accomplished by surrounding myself with others who have positive energy. It means getting enough exercise, nutritious food, rest and time alone to recharge my energy. Energy extends to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms.

What is your theme or mantra for 2015? What areas do you want to grow in this year? How will having a theme shape your thinking, actions and perspective? If I can support you in designing your unique mantra, please let me know. Here’s to an amazing year, bright with opportunities to learn, impact others, and design a fulfilling life.

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal

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