My 2010 Theme: Focus and Freedom

January 2010

I hope this missive finds you relaxed after the holiday season, and ready to tackle 2010 with renewed energy and understanding.  Last year was challenging in many respects, yet I saw resourcefulness and resolve emerge in myself and many of you as we all adapted to unfamiliar circumstances.  I want to build on that determination as I draw on my strengths, talents, and interests to create a life that embraces what is important to me.  Thus, my theme for this year is “Focus and Freedom.” 

Because we live in such a high-tech, fast-moving, knowledge-based world, most of us are continuously bombarded with information, input, and ideas.  As a learner, those siren calls that entice me can quickly lead to frenetic attempts on my part to assimilate, process, and use the data that comes at me.  I’ve noticed that I fare much better when I determine what is truly important to me and act on those things.  So, in my work life, I want to focus on honing my coaching skills, practicing better time management, and using my wisdom and intuition more.  Personally, I intend to focus on richer relationships, healthier habits, and a peaceful presence.  Focus is not just about content (the “what”), but also about becoming more self aware (the “how”).  I want to learn how to practice mindfulness and being present in the moment, without letting distractions derail me. 

The second part of my theme reflects my desire to break away from old beliefs and behaviors that hold me back.  I long for freedom from negative thinking, wasting time, dreaming small, and feeling stuck.  Freedom means making wise decisions in a world of many choices.  It might also mean, for me, taking more risks.  It means letting go of what others think, and being clearer about what I think.  There is a lot I want to explore about freedom and what it means in my life. 

My professional and personal goals for 2010 will be rooted in my theme.  I’m looking forward to a year of learning about myself and the topics of focus and freedom.  If I can support you in developing your own theme for the coming year, please ask.  May your New Year be filled with peace, prosperity, and meaningful time with those you hold dear.  Thank you for the privilege of working with you.

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