Living in Procrasti-Nation

This Musing is…late. I thought of many reasons why, but finally realized it boiled down to one word: Procrastination. I even found a graphic that illustrates what a life of procrastination looks like. Now, I don’t play Solitaire, and computer games are not part of my repertoire. Surfing the internet is rare unless I’m doing research…except of course to check out the wedding pictures of my nieces on Facebook. And remind me, what is a nap? What I notice is that my range of excuses is high and wide. It includes a large project, tight deadlines, travel to both of the afore-mentioned weddings, faculty work at Georgetown University, and a robust coaching schedule. One glorious weekend Jim managed to pry my fingers off my computer and get me on the golf course a couple of times….pure heaven. And, time with friends helped me stay sane in a crazy period when work demands were high. But writing my Musings kept getting transferred to tomorrow’s “To Do” list day after day, week after week.

My self-talk swung wildly from “I am swamped” to “I’m such a loser” to “I need to be kinder to myself and not stress about this.” Oh, the stories we weave when we take up residence in the populous Procrasti-Nation! Several drafts of my Musings languished under piles of paper on my desk, which only induced more guilt. So, I decided to take back control of what I could, to clear my head. I spent a few afternoons clearing off my desk, catching up on filing, plowing through emails. I researched and found new health insurance (again). We hired a housekeeper. I made a commitment to myself to take at least one full day off from work each week, to just relax. I’m taking more walks, having more fun, and being a better friend and lover. I have a ton of energy after working with a nutritionist and eliminating gluten from my diet. I’m re-engaging my personal trainer to get stronger. There is still plenty of room for improvement, but I’m feeling more spacious and focused. So, don’t give up on me, or my Musings. I’m still here, learning about myself, how to grow professionally and personally. And I’m still loving my work with each of you. Thank you for being in my life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Warm regards,
Sharon Keys Seal


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