Living Gloriously and Vibrantly: My Theme for 2005

January 2005

Happy New Year! I hope that this letter finds you rested and refreshed after the holidays, and ready for an exciting year ahead. As is my custom for my first missive of the year, I want to share my theme and intentions for this year with you. The reason I do this is two-fold: sharing goals with others always makes them more real for me, and also because I hope that you will be moved to set a theme and intentions for your year as well.

This year, I intend to take more risks and get outside of my comfort zone. I want to live each day with zeal, curiosity, and honesty. My desire is to expand the way I see myself, my world, and my business. Like most people, I long to become more the person that God wired me to be. As I considered these intentions, I came up with my theme for 2005: “To live gloriously and vibrantly, as God designed me to be.” The word “gloriously” conjures up a sense of delightfulness and wonderfulness. It also makes me think of the root word “glory” and its meaning of high achievement, enjoyment, or prosperity. Underlying all is adoration, praise, and thanksgiving such as is offered in worship. The word “vibrantly” connotes aliveness and an energy that is vigorous and vital.

So, as I begin this year, I have many personal and professional goals that will support my theme. Those involve my family, my relationships, my self-care, my home. On the professional side, my goals are around increasing my coaching skills and business acumen to become a stronger coach. I also want to do more group facilitating and workshops this year, as well as some writing, in addition to my individual client coaching.

Finally, I came across this quote by Jim Rohn that I wanted to share with you: “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Thank you in advance for keeping me in mind if you know of anyone in your circle of influence that would benefit from working with a vibrant coach to support them in identifying, mastering, and applying the skills and perspective necessary for success. I look forward to doing so with you in 2005.

Sharon Keys Seal

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