Lighten Up

January 2014

Happy New Year! I hope that your year is off to a great start and holds much promise for you and your business. After much reflection, I have chosen “Lighten Up” as my mantra for 2014. As faithful readers know, my annual theme helps me to see my work and life through the lens of an area I want to grow in. One intention is to have more quality and less quantity in my life. I’ll be designing simpler days that center on quality relationships, interesting work and more open space in my calendar to reflect and recharge. I want to shed burdensome tasks, old habits, outdated goals and busy work. And, I will be buying a lot less “stuff” which only weighs me down. Indeed, I intend to clear out a lot of things this year that I no longer use or need.

Another intention is to laugh more, play more, and have more fun. Laughter feeds my soul. Thus, I will be spending more time with friends (new and old) who share my sense of humor and are easy to talk with. Over Christmas, I got to do a lot of laughing with family and friends, which was so restorative. My clients have long known that I don’t do anything (even work) unless there is an element of fun in it. That will be even truer this year.

A third intention in my “Lighten Up” year is to be kinder and more compassionate toward myself. I’ll stop packing so much into my schedule, and only make commitments out of joy and with a sense of meaningful purpose (not obligation). Building in more time for personal retreats will be another action to support this intention. Also, I am letting go of some routines that suck my energy. A simple example is changing out my clock radio alarm (always set to NPR, which I love) for a CD that will start my day with beautiful music instead of the raft of bad news we are bombarded with each morning. Another action to support this intention is to take better care of my body by eating less, focusing on fresh healthy foods, and getting plenty of exercise that I enjoy.

My desire is to radiate a light from within that is not dimmed by all the many distractions and burdens that life can bring. I want to reclaim my light, loving spirit. My belief is that doing so will benefit not only me, but my family, friends and clients. This year started with me having the flu, and I have been sick for over a week. It bothers me that this Musing is going out so late. However, I am learning to lighten up. Life is often messy and things don’t go as we hope or plan. Part of my growth is to focus on what I truly need, and relax about the rest. As always, I welcome your feedback on this theme. If I can help you in designing a theme for yourself, please let me know. Here’s to a very happy New Year!

Warm regards,

Sharon Keys Seal

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