Inner Peace

October 2009

Lately, I’ve been feeling very peaceful.  Now, most would say I’m a pretty calm person by nature…but what I’m experiencing is a deeper inner peace.  Despite a very full workload and some recent changes in my personal life that I’m working through, there is a sense of being more grounded.  Even facing a daunting deadline or challenging client, I feel relaxed and peaceful.  So, when I recently read the latest issue of The Heron Dance Nature Art Journal (see which had a small journal entry about symptoms of inner peace, it really resonated with me.

The symptoms include loss of interest in certain things, such as judging self and others.  I’m working with a master coach on improving my coaching skills, and as paradoxical as it sounds, learning to not judge myself so much.  When I come from a place of curiosity and am not concerned about how I look to myself or others, my coaching is more authentic and powerful.  I’m also learning to accept (and delight in) others just as they are, without judgment. A big shift for me that has lead to more inner peace is not taking responsibility for others’ problems.  I’m setting better boundaries, while still being empathetic and supportive.  Another symptom of inner peace I’ve been experiencing lately is the loss of my world-class ability to worry.  It just seems to be fading away as I live more in the present, and let go of dwelling on the past, or laboring so hard to shape the future.  Living in the “now” has a lot of advantages, including the sense that time slows down the more I stay present to what is unfolding in this moment.  It also makes me much more equipped for what lies ahead.

As I let go of trying to make things happen, my ability to relax and allow things to happen has grown.  It is a much more peaceful way to live.  It is also a lot more interesting and fun, to see what shows up in the way of new experiences, fresh learning, and challenges that stretch me.  I’ve noticed increased contentment (a word that used to have negative connotations for me of being stuck, but now feels so right).  Other symptoms of inner peace, for me, are renewed energy, passion, joy, and focus for my life and work.

There is so much in the world that causes me and others great pain.  While I have much to learn about cultivating true inner peace, I believe it does not insulate me from the real world.  Instead, it allows me to be more fully awake to all of life.  So, I will continue on this path, and my hope is that a more peaceful and centered Sharon will serve others as well.  If you would like to talk about your own journey in this regard, please let me know.  Enjoy each moment of this day you have been given.

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