Hanging Tough

August 2008

Much of the news we hear these days is about the changing, unsettling and even scary world we are in right now.  We face challenges in every arena, whether it is social or economic, physical or spiritual, home or abroad, personal or professional.  I have been reflecting on what I need to sustain myself in trying times.  This month, I want to share what I consider to be some key elements to “hanging tough” in hard times.

Trust – As I wrote about in my June 2008 Musings letter, trust is essential in collaborating and partnering with others, and developing trusting relationships is one component of success in today’s business environment.  Trust in God brings me peace and perspective in troubled times.  In addition, trust in myself comes from being clear about my values, and living those out each day as best I can. 

Optimism – I want to always see the positive and the good in this world.  I want my life and actions to reflect hope in creating a better tomorrow.  Negative thoughts and behavior waste precious energy and time. 

Unwavering discipline – When things around me seem out of my control (as they often are), I want to have the discipline to know and do what is needed and right for me.  This can be as basic as choosing a healthy lifestyle to offset stress, or having the courage to speak out against wrong doing, or staying focused on what is most important.    

Grow – Challenging times are wonderful opportunities to grow and improve myself, my coaching, and my business.  I want to learn from those around me, stretch outside my comfort zone, and be more strategic in how I run my coaching practice.

Help others – I want to support my clients in their professional journeys, encourage my family and friends, and serve my community.  My intention is to be generous with my time, talent, and resources in helping others.

What do you consider keys to thriving in difficult circumstances?  I would love to hear your thoughts, and work with you in implementing those in the months ahead.

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