Full Immersion

July 2013

In the past month or so, I have been to two beautiful weddings. I’m at the age when the children of my friends are starting to get married, and it is such an honor to be a part of their special day. Each wedding was unique in style, location, ambiance, music, and guests. In keeping with my theme for this year, I came to both with open eyes, open mind, and open heart.

My younger son is getting married later this year, so I tried to pay particular attention to the details of each wedding and reception. I noticed the vows, the music, the readings, and how the ceremony flowed. It was interesting to see all the creativity expressed in the celebrations. Such touches as a dress-up photo booth at the reception, a kayak serving as a cooler for the beer and wine, chalkboard place cards in tiny potted cactus plants, regional dance lessons for guests, and beautiful poetry readings were thoughtful expressions of the couples’ interests and tastes. One wedding was on a creek in the woods; one was on an expansive lawn overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. I was delighted to see how Nature was such an important (and cooperative) part of the events.

My mind was crackling with creative ideas that these unique weddings sparked. But even more, my mind was flooded with memories of all the times with these friends and their children. How could I not cry when my proud friend walked his gorgeous daughter down the aisle? How could I help but smile when I watched as the boy who could always make me laugh beamed at his bride? Memories of happy times, holiday meals, trips together, supporting one another, and growing friendships….all of those were in my mind as I celebrated this new chapter in the lives of my friends’ children.

If my eyes were on the present and my mind on the past, my heart was turning towards the future. Weddings are an expression of hope for the future, of trust in the one who knows us better than any other. My heart was full of love for these young adults and their families. I am so grateful to be a part of their lives. In life, just as in work, when we open to how we see, think and feel, our experiences are so much richer. May you have a summer filled with opportunities to fully immerse yourself in both work and play with fresh eyes, mind and heart. If I can support you in your professional explorations, please ask.

Warm regards,

Sharon Keys Seal

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